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What if we told you that feeling good while you and your child indulge in the foods you love isn't just a dream?

Learn how to create stress-free, healthy meals for your family. No cost, just great value!

Date: May 13th, 2024  Time: 6:00 pm CDT

Are you tired of the mealtime battles and diet dilemmas that leave you questioning every food choice for your family?

It’s time to break free from the stress and introduce joy back into your kitchen with our groundbreaking masterclass, Reducing The Guilt & Mental Load: Meal Planning 101.

Cooking Lesson

Why You Should Attend?

  • Discover Joyful Eating: Learn how to savor your family’s favorite foods without guilt. Say goodbye to restrictive dieting and hello to balanced, joyful meals.

  • Nutritious Meets Delicious: Master easy-to-follow, delicious meal plans that aren't just nutritious but are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters in your family.

  • Stress-Free Meal Planning: Get the tools you need to create meals quickly without the stress of wondering if you’re making the "right" food choices for your children.

This Masterclass is Perfect For You If:

01. You’re overwhelmed by the daily stress of planning healthy meals that your kids will eat.

02. You’re caught in the dieting cycle but want to enjoy food freely.

03. You want to instill healthy eating habits in your children without the food fights.

Baking Together

Session Details:

  • General Admission: Absolutely FREE! Just sign up and join in.

  • Single Day Pass: For just $9.99, not only can you access the live session, but you’ll also get a replay to watch at your convenience plus an exclusive 30-minute follow-up coaching session with our expert.

  • VIP Membership: Dive deeper and join the Tribe Evolution Hub for $25/month, gaining continuous access to all our resources, community support, and much more!

Meet Your Host

My name is Sharon Medina



The visionary founder of Teaching Through Education and The Connected Tribe, is dedicated to creating supportive environments for personal growth and learning.

Sharon brings her continued learning and experience in child development as an educator and mom, and a deeply holistic approach to each initiative she leads. Participants in her programs often experience profound transformations, not just in their parenting, but in their broader personal and professional lives.

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Meet Your Guide

My name is Cortney


She is a compassionate Health at Every Size®- aligned dietitian dedicated to helping you reconnect with your body's natural signals of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. With a rich background in behavioral health, culinary coaching, and body image, She specializes in non-diet approaches to eating that emphasize comfort and reduce stress around food. 

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Jordan G.

"I had an 11 day rotation with a 5 day hiking trip... and everything we've covered has been put to use. Listening to my body and understanding what it means, has helped keep me feeling energetic, alert, kept cravings at bay and all around so happy!"
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